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A play with music, a circus, a voyage of discovery. The Starry Messengers explores the shattering implications of Galileo's insight upon observing the moons of Jupiter. What he understands when he raises his telescope to the heavens changes the lives of everyone around him. It puts his own life in danger, forces a pope to face the boundaries of spiritual and temporal power, and places his beloved daughter - a devoted nun - at the crossroads of intellectual honesty and religious obedience.

And that's just the beginning. Actors Lily Knight, Adrian LaTourelle, and award winning clown Bob Berky, along with the acclaimed Ensemble Galilei, employ music juggling, lyric text, dancing and elegant slapstick to break the bonds of time and space, illuminating the many lives with the nearly universal experience of finding the faith and strength to face the future amid a storm of disruptive change

Written by: Bob Berky, Lily Knight, Adrian LaTourelle, Benno Nelson and Carolyn Surrick

Music by: Ensemble Galilei

Directed by: Benno Nelson

Produced by: Flowerpot Productions, LLC